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Sounds | Hannah Aldridge x Jason Charles Miller, Some Ghosts Don't Make A Sound

Hannah Aldridge brengt ons met Some Ghosts Don't Make A sound een vette dark americana rock sound. Laat je onderdompelen in deze donkere wereld waar de power van Hannah haar stem als een bliksemschicht jou donkere zieltje in vuur en vlam zet. Samen met Jason Charles Miller creëren ze een sound die je doet verlangen naar meer.

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Hannah Aldridge's new single "Some Ghosts (Don't Make A Sound)" is an original track, speaking of the heritage growing up in the extremely religious State of Alabama. Facing down demons of a life once lived from substance abuse to failed relationships and scars from the lashes of the bible belt, Hannah has since young years felt an affinity to the darkness found in the Southern Gothic themes and has developed a fondness of writing songs with elements of horror brought on by dark thoughts of depression or hopelessness.

“The devil and darkness were always the boogeyman under the bed for me. It still is honestly. So that naturally weaves itself into a lot of songs. I find it extremely fun to sit and think of what type of song I would write for a particular scene in a movie or subjects that really scare me.”

// Hannah Aldridge

In this new offering, Hannah's entrancing and gritty vocals are joined byJason Charles Miller (Godhead). Famously expanding has his roots in Americana and Country as a solo artist, dynamically exposing his blues-inspired and Southern rock influences, Jason has quietly established himself as a veteran presence in the scene. Originally from Clifton, VA, Jason now owns and runs the successful recording complex Central Command Studios in Los Angeles, CA, and is otherwise widely recognized as the frontman and founder of the rock band Godhead, selling more than 250,000 albums touring the world with the likes of Ozzy Osbourne, Rammstein, Disturbed, Linkin Park, Slipknot and Korn frontman Jonathan Davis.

Working with one foot in country music and the other in rock has given Aldridge a fresh kind of Southern Rock styled by Southern Gothic storytelling. "Some Ghosts (Don't Make A Sound)" is part of the upcoming dubble-signle "Sinking" featruing Jason, that is to be released on 7" vinyl on November 12. Hannah tell us: "I have been slowly moving into a darker rock sound album by album so, for me this landed on a real sweet spot of a dark rock sound without completely reinventing myself as an artist. I have been a fan of Jason Charles Miller for a long time and worked with him on different projects for almost ten years now, so it felt natural for us to collaborate on this project."


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