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Sounds | Hamish Anderson, Morning Light

Tijdens het beluisteren van Morning Light krijg ik plots zin om met de cabrio langs de kust te scheuren. Eén minpuntje..... ik heb er geen. Dan maar genieten op de schommelstoel onder het avondzonnetje. Stevig gitaargeluid gepaard met een beklijvende drumbeat en we krijgen een soft rock 70's sound om van te genieten.

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Hamish Anderson: A student of the three Kings (Albert, BB and Freddie), Peter Green and Keith Richards with influences of Jeff Buckley and Tom Petty.

Named one of Total Guitar's: Top 10 Best New Guitarists in 2018 two years after being named one of Yahoo! Music’s “Top Ten Best New Artist,” Australia’s roots rock artist, Hamish Anderson has released his Independent Music Award-winning “Best Blues Album” Out of My Head after nearly three years. Hamish enthuses, “I really wanted to take my time and write as many songs as I could for this album. I wasn’t writing to a specific genre or sound, rather I let the songs reveal what they wanted to be… The album explore themes of alienation and defiance, mixed with unabashed love songs and even observations on what's happening in the world around us. Certain songs had themes that I hadn’t explored in my writing previously. I feel I really went a lot deeper in the writing of these songs then I had ever done before. Most are universal feelings that I feel people can relate to. Once again, I got very lucky to work with a really great, talented group of people on Out Of My Head including producer Jim Scott (Tom Petty, Tedeschi Trucks, Wilco) who I had worked with on my debut album Trouble. Jim is an incredible producer/engineer and we work in a very similar way -- it’s always an amazing experience working with him.”

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