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Sounds | Gianni Marzo, One Day Someday

Het moet niet steeds een knotsgekke wervelwind zijn, neen, ik kan ook genieten van een rustig, simpel, mooi liedje. One Day Someday bv. kabbelt lekker voort op een prachtig klankbed van diverse instrumenten, waaronder de monochord... en natuurlijk de zachte stem van Gianni Marzo. Opgelet, zacht jawel, maar ergens horen we een verscholen die kracht die héél misschien op een andere song wel eens naar boven zou kunnen komen?

The Vessel verschijnt op 16 oktober oktober 2020 via Zealrecords/Konkurrent.

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Gianni Marzo. A name that doesn’t ring a bell? Think again. You could say he’s one of our country’s most amazing musicians. Because Marzo plays a major role in the sound of bands like Isbells and Marble Sounds and he does his thing in projects such as Ansatz Der Maschine, Jan Swerts, Renée, Guy Swinnen & The Ladies, Stéphanie Blanchoud and Winterland ’76. As an instrumentalist, Gianni Marzo rightfully gets a lot of respect. 2020 is the year in which he decides to step out with his solo debut album: ‘The Vessel’. Finally.  “A long time ago, I was spending more time song writing than being an instrumentalist” clarifies Gianni Marzo. “It was going in a lot of different directions and it wasn’t immediately leading to anything concrete. As I ended up in Isbells, Marble Sounds and other projects, I was evolving more into a serving musician. I was becoming much more of a musician, a guitar player, I was becoming technically stronger and more committed to serving the music, adding an atmosphere, colours, and making a composition within the composition. To me, that role as a sideman is still the most enjoyable way to make music.”  And yet, Marzo recently became more enthralled with the craft and the art of ‘the song as a form of art’. “I found myself back with an older love. The ‘song’ is an incredibly rich and valuable artform. I wanted to make an album of songs with a head and a tail." But time moved on and that happens to be something Marzo struggles with. As a true nostalgic and melancholic, he keeps looking back on his life, which results in staggering, doubting and wistfulness. Even as a twenty-something, Marzo felt old, but today – twenty years down the line - he realises that he’s developed a more profound view on things and his life feels like a journey. And that journey is exactly what he’s working with in his debut ‘The Vessel’. 


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