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Sounds | For I Am King, Trojans

De Nederlandse deathmetal/metalcore band For I Am King komt over minder dan twee weken met een nieuw album! Donderdag 19 januari a.s. komt Crown uit, een album waar fans - onder wie ikzelf - al een hele poos naar uitkijken.

Afgelopen vrijdag bracht de band de derde single van dat album naar buiten: Trojans. Nadat eerder al Liars en Disciples al waren uitgebracht, kan het niet tot een andere conclusie leiden dan dat ons iets heerlijks staat te wachten als Crown eenmaal daar is.




The uniqueness of the Dutch metal band FOR I AM KING is best described by the introduction of the new I-factor, a 3.0 variant of the much sought-after X-factor. The I is the ninth letter of the modern Latin alphabet and it has importance in the fields of mathematics and chemistry as well. In addition, I is the symbol for electric power and it stands in abbreviations for international. With FOR I AM KING, the I-factor (except the I in the band name) lies in the combination of the musical components: modern, complex, furious but always catchy metal with capturing melodies, supplemented by the unique vocals of front-woman and eyecatcher Alma Alizadeh. But there are also the personally and socially engaged lyrics, the outward appearance (artwork, photos, videos) and especially the explosive live shows that enthuse FOR I AM KING’s audiences wherever they appear.

I – the musical direction: As a Roman numeral, I is the number 1. However, I is not the first musical output of this ambitious quintet from Amsterdam, but the second. Guitarist Koen Scheepens: "When we started writing the new material, we absolutely did not want to limit ourselves to musical genres. After a while we gradually noticed that we were able to include everyone's personal taste and ideas into the unity that ‘I’ eventually became. The result is a new face, in which the old one, our debut album ‘Daemons’ (2016, Redfield Records), is still visible. ‘I’ is certainly still metal, influenced by bands like IN FLAMES, TRIVIUM, DARKEST HOUR, ARCH ENEMY or KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, but it’s more accessible than our first EP ‘Revengeance’ and more contemporary than ‘Daemons’. ‘I’ sounds familiar, refreshing and characterizes the growth of the band – as friends and musicians."

It's simple: just metal!

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