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Sounds | Final Light, In The Void

Cult of Luna zanger Johannes Persson en muzikant Perturbator hebben de handen in elkaar geslaan en het eenmalig project Final Light uit de grond gestampt. Hun titelloze album komt uit op 24 juni via Red Creek, en nu krijgen we de eerste single In The Void te horen die direct een schot in de roos blijkt te zijn. De pre-orders voor hun aankomend album gaan zo hard waardoor sommige versies al out of stock zijn. Snel zijn is de boodschap als je dit geweldig project in je platenkast wil hebben! 6 nummers zullen er te vinden zijn op het album, en wie vorig weekend te gast was op het Roadburn Festival in Tilburg kon al genieten van deze unieke samenwerking tussen Johannes Persson en Perturbator.

Final Light komt uit op 24juni 2022 via Red Creek.

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Final Light, a one-time only project featuring Perturbator and Cult of Luna’s Johannes Persson, release their self-titled album on June 24 via Red Creek. The project is the result of both a recently discovered kinship and the opportunity for Perturbator, at the request of Roadburn’s Walter Hoeijmakers, to do a commissioned piece with a musician of his choice for the festival’s 2020 iteration, which of course did not happen. “It was an honour,” James Kent (Perturbator) recalls. “I immediately thought of Cult of Luna. Even though my music is mostly electronic and synth-based, we both have a knack for creating atmospheres, so I thought it would be a very interesting match.” Kent and Johannes first met only months beforehand, when Johannes attended one of the Frenchman’s shows in Stockholm. “I’ve been a fan for a long, long time,” Johannes says. “We had this creative discussion back and forth and we hit it off.” As soon as the pair began work on their boundary-decimating songs, they knew that they had to be immortalized as an album. “It was immediate,” states Kent. “We had almost an hour of interesting music, so it would’ve been a shame to simply perform it and not do anything with it afterwards. It’s a project that I really want to share; it’s not only the fruit of a collaboration between me and one of my favourite musicians, but also very unique and once-in-a-lifetime.” The pair unveiled the live version of Final Light last week, as the performed on Friday at Roadburn 2022.


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