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Sounds | Erdve, Pragulos

Met de vorige twee nummers kon ik niets wegens net iets te (voluit) brutaal en chaotisch, maar de derde release van het Litouwse Erdve ligt me wel. Pragulos komt uiterst traag en met véél 'ruimte' tussen de noten op gang, samen met een cameratravel in closeup. lekker teasend. Het nummer sleept zich verder voort in de beste sludge traditie met toch een soort post sfeer, vooral wanneer de galmende zang inzet en we naar het slot kruipen. Héél erg sfeervol. Savigaila verschijnt op 23 juli via Season of Mist.

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Erdve comment: ''Video for the song Pragulos (eng. Bedsore) is about finding the key for your own personal meaning, transforming into someone you always wanted to be and breaking free from dogmatic societal structures and their imposed rules. It is when denying the existing dogmas of society, religion and politics, you are able to find your true self and grasp the reality between knowledge and superstition. Pragulos is one of the most essential pieces of the upcoming album, a necessary balance for the anxious wall of sound.''

When Erdve formed in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius in 2016, the band had a clear aesthetic vision of creating a unique heavy sound that experimented with elements from hardcore, sludge, and black metal – yet was not bound by any unwritten “rules” surrounding those genres. Erdve's members had already been active in their local scene and performed in various acts such as NYKSTA, SRAIGĖS EFEKTAS, and SPIRALE. A self-made tape version of their debut made its rounds in underground circles and the Lithuanians received the rare honour of being picked straight out of the dreaded demo pile by virtue of their musical strength and compelling quality.

The core ideas behind Erdve are translated into lyrics, visuals, and sound by in-depth reflection on concepts such as domestic violence, utmost disgusting behaviour, crimes against humanity, and extremism. Their debut album 'Vaitojimas', released in 2018 by Season of Mist, delivered exactely that!

The new offering 'Savigaila', which translates as "self-pity", revolves around overcoming the numbness within the great challenges of unsettling reality, and accepting them as they are. Regret, envy, self-regard, love, care and togetherness. From completely understandable to the most unreasonable sense. This idea is turned into melodies, rhythm, and sound by Erdve on the bands upcoming sophomore album.

But make no mistake, Erdve successfully transformed these melodies into a new unnerving experience on how THEY perceive life and with 'Savigaila', you may find that enjoying life, can be entirely implausible...


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