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Sounds | Entheos - Life in Slow Motion

Een bijzonder energetische, bij momenten op het randje van enerverend balancerende, track met gevaarlijke, stuwende riffs maar ook ruimte voor de juiste melodische balans. De 'pipes' van vocaliste Chaney Crabb zijn niet minder dan indrukwekkend te noemen.

Life in Slow Motion gaat over de gevolgen van druggebruik op zowel de gebruiker als op de mensen rond hun. Die frustrerende emoties worden perfect in beeld omgezet in de begeleidende video.

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Vocalist Chaney Crabb elaborates: "'Life In Slow Motion' is a song about seeing life through the eyes of drug addiction and the ways that it affects not only the addict, but the people who surround them. It's about wanting to return to a moment in life where the addiction took over and pondering what could have happened if things went another direction. Musically, this is one of the heaviest and fastest songs that we've written. We wanted the music to make listeners feel the tension that builds in the track, which ultimately is released with one of our heaviest breakdowns."

Incorporating elements drawn from myriad genres - including death metal, groove, grunge, electronica, slam, gothic rock, jazz, prog and more - and pushing progressive death metal in ever more imaginative directions, Time Will Take Us All proved that ENTHEOS continues to evolve with every release. Metal Hammer UK lauded a band, "poised to morph from a promising project into tech metal titans," New Noise Magazine championed, "one of the best versions of modern riff-y progressive death metal we have now," while Loudwire added, "the band plays with lockstep precision, turning the gears of their technical death metal machine as it steamrolls forward."


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