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Sounds | Ellevator, Slip

Indierock met een vleugje pop ... dan kan je Slip van Ellevator zeker smaken. Catchy tunes en een zeer mooie stem doen je snel verlangen naar meer. Loosen your grip on me and let me slip away I want out of your hands, I want out of your heart, duidelijk genoeg zou je denken. Maar we zullen nog even met plezier de replay button induwen vooraleer we kunnen genieten van hun nieuw album. The Words You Spoke Still Move Me komt uit op 6 mei 2022.

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Ellevator is a band from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Raised on the cool precision of late-aughts guitar music and the melodrama of post-rock, they hold lean hooks and sweeping crescendos in perfect tension. Frontwoman Nabi Sue Bersche wields her arresting lyricism with clear-eyed lucidity, drawing deeply personal reflections from big themes like power, love, and loss. Citing influences that range from stadium limelight (U2, Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush) to the warm glow of indie haunts (Feist, Spoon, Death Cab For Cutie) Ellevator’s music hits with the impact of great pop songs and the fierce emotional resonance of their rock and roll heroes.

Slip is about killing the things that hold you captive and returning to the water, wherever that is for you. Thanks to Cam Veitch for masterfully building the visual world of this record with us, and thanks to Hawksley Workman for letting Nabi kill her hero on camera.

Produced by Black Lake Directed by Cam Veitch AD - RJ Kemp Gaffer - Brad Scholl MUA - Jennifer Budd Starring - Hawksley Workman


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