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Sounds | Dennyiah, Sense Of The Rain

Dit nummer vult het rijke pallet aan sounds aan eerder gecreëerd door het duo Denisa en Ľuboš. Naast rock, pop, soul, indie, ... steeds met wat ethnische invloeden, krijgen we nu een geluid dat voorzichtig richting elektronische beats (ik spreek bewust niet over EDM) gaat. Misschien niet meteen mijn favoriet, maar ik kan niet anders dan respect opbrengen voor muzikanten die gepassioneerd hun ding doen.

Wil iemand deze talenten contacteren en uit Slowakije doen uitbreken? Ze zijn er méér dan klaar voor, ready and willing!


• The moment of enlightment • • An elusive sensation of invincible life force coming from within. • • Losing the ego and the idealised and pre- constructed idea of self •

Difficult words and complicated sentences. Yeah I know, but there’s no other words to describe this song in a short way. I created the melody and text in a moment of enlightment when I wasn’t weighed down by my thoughts. I was just being in the moment. And the fact that my words and melody altogether with Lubo’s perfectly fit to music that was created by Matt Marga and Rob Nieco long before is just not a coincidence. Sense of the rain is different from any other songs that we ever released or even composed but that is the exact reason why I love it so much. It kicks me out of the stereotype makes me think and dance at the same time I really hope it’ll make u feel the same way. Regarding the video. Back in April when we came back from the recording in spain with Sense Of The Rain finished, we discovered a video on Youtube with a masai dancer in the African savana. Believe it or not, his movements perfectly fit to our song. So, we came up with an idea to try to reach out to him and ask him to collaborate with us on the official video to Sense Of The Rain. As unbelievable and impossible as it sounds — it came true Thank you internet! I cannot wait for you to see the whole piece of incredible art Fernando Anuanga created with his body, expressing the lyrics and the whole point of the song so very accurately. It still feels unreal and surreal.

- Denissa -


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