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Sounds | Dennyiah - Gold Within

Drie jaar na de release van hun debuutalbum zijn Denisa Gajarska (vocals) en Ľuboš Šoltés (guitar, backing vocals) terug met nieuwe muziek én alweer eens een machtige video, gefilmd in het ruwe Ijsland. De muziek blijft van soul doorspekte, donkere pop op een elektronische beat. Strijkers, piano en gitaar geven de song een kleurrijke invulling. De fantastische stem van Denissa is ook deze keer de kers op de taart.

Eternal Sunshine (EP) is op 20 novermber 2023 verschenen in eigen beheer.


I wrote ‘’ Gold Within ‘’ when I was around 15yo. Back then it was more of a punk/ grunge song and I most certainly never thought it’d ever end up on an album in such version But it did thanks to @whencolombomeetspoirot and @nic.hard for their sixth sense and convincing skills For me, it’s about a little inner rebellion against the expectations and molds that society tries to put you in. I never really felt like I belonged anywhere but I did feel a huge pressure on me - you know the classic phrases - you are too much of this and that, u’ll never find friends and so on. I guess i wrote this song as a reminder to myself and of course to anybody else not to ever try to fit any molds, just be yourself and that’s enough

Thank you guys so much for all the love u showed this song so far, we truly deeply appreciate it so much

- Denissa -

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