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Sounds | Dead Eyed Creek - Uninspired

Tja, als ze het al zelf zeggen in de titel van deze song ... De bron van inspiratie is overduidelijk en bij de eerste single vroeg ik me al af of er variatie zou komen. Yep, deze song is anders dan de eerste single, maar het blijft natuurlijk hélemaal AIC. Wat dan weer geen slechte referentie is, want de mannen doen dat hier opnieuw uitstekend.

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Ter Info

Band founder Job Bos comments: “A few weeks back, we actually got to play together as a band for the first time, in this line up. When we played through “Uninspired", we all kind of knew that this was going to be the 3rd single. It has this fucking fat groove contrasted by the almost melancholic verses. Contrast is such an important and defining thing in life and it´s great to add that to songwriting also.”

Vocalist Einar Vilberg adds: “Uninspired is about waking up, realizing, detaching and running away from the things that are no longer working for you.”

It was fall 2019 when guitarist and band founder Job Bos (Satyricon, Dark Fortress, The Ruins of Beverast) approached longtime friend and drummer Norman Lonhard (ex-Triptykon) with the idea of ​​making music together. After working with some different musicians, they came across bassist Max Blok, who proved to be ideal for the band to be formed, both on a musical and personal level. Last but not least, Icelandic singer Einar Vilberg proved that his stunning vocal ability and vocal range was a perfect fit for the band.

Dead Eyed Creek’s sound has it all - from heavy riffs and monstrous grooves to tragic and beautiful ballads and everything in between. Captivating and catchy songs with vocals that can make your skin crawl. With their music, they take the greatness of 90’s rock to a new level, but most of all continue the sound from that era that so many have fallen in love with.

Now Dead Eyed Creek are gearing up to release their debut album. Eleven songs got recorded with German producer Michael Zech at Q7 studios in Munich, next to come is the mixing and mastering by producer Michael Zech with Viktor Bullok as co-producer.


Job Bos - guitars

Einar Vilberg - vocals

Max Blok - bass

Norman Lonhard – drums


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