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Sounds | Convulsif, Torn From The Stone

Of dit nog 'muziek' is laten we in het midden. Deze 'expeditie richting extremen' leek ons wel het ideale geluid voor deze stormachtige zondag. De bijhorende video is al even knetter! Geniet met volle teugen of ga hard lopen, there is no inbetween.

Exctint verschijnt op 23-10-2020 via Hummus Records.

ter info

Swiss collective Convulsif is a bass (sinister), drums (diabolic), a bass clarinet (vicious) and a violin (fierce). The correct word is fierce, don't let whatever violin lessons you took in your childhood trick you into believing otherwise, classical instruments have an evil side and this band gives genuine proof of that. Convulsif is dark and surprisingly addictive. A quartet of mad experimental extremists, they play the perfect aural delirium made from doom, noise, and drone. Nightmarish, repetitive, ritualized. Relentlessly they take possession of your cortex and brand it with their monolithic sound. The band doesn't fit in pre-established categories with its complex, distinct and intense pieces. When the band toured in Cuba in 2018, they challenged themselves to never repeat a set and every night had to be different from the ones before. They switched the order of songs or stepped up the improvised elements, to recreate the moment’s mood in their sinister sound and universe. On the album they used their live-skills to play a tight, hypnotic and rich flow that keeps shattering common conceptions of rock music.


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