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Sounds | Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!, Gone Are The Good Days

Goede poppunk muziek moet je niet altijd ver zoeken. Neem nu Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!, een Franse band die gisteren hun nieuwe song Gone Are The Good Days uitbracht. Chunk lijkt deze dagen een van de enigste groepen die nog vasthouden aan de goede poppunk, en daar kunnen we alleen maar blij om zijn!

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CHUNK! NO, CAPTAIN CHUNK! French pop-punk band CHUNK! NO, CAPTAIN CHUNK!, who take their name from the beloved ’80s classic The Goonies, have perfected their DNA-distinct blend of “easycore” since forming in 2007. Their latest, Gone Are the Good Days, is a tour de force. It’s chock full of incredibly catchy anthems that invite you to pump your fist in the air, sing along, and to dance like no one is watching. For their fourth effort, Chunk pulled off a magic trick by staying true to their pop punk path, while finding brand new avenues to travel down on songs like first single “Bitter” and the title track. Gone Are The Good Days follows Get Lost, Find Yourself (2015), Pardon My French (2013), and Something For Nothing (2010). With over 70 million cumulative streams to date and an impressive touring history that includes stints on Warped Tour, appearances at Soundwave and SlamDunk, and dates with A Day To Remember, Motionless in White, and Of Mice & Men, Chunk! are ready to return to the road and your earbuds in 2021.

(bron: Fearless Records)


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