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Sounds | Chase Rice - Life Is A Bitch

Zowel visueel als tekstueel kan het niet méér cliché dan dit nummer van ene Chase Rice. Het onderscheidend vermogen zit hem voor mij in de vrij rauwe delivery: het iets hardere drumgeluid, de scherpere gitaren en zelfs ruwere vocals dan we gewoon zijn bij moderne c&w. Yep, ik mag deze song wel.

I Hate Cowboys & All Dogs Go To Hell verschijnt op 10 februari 2023 via BBR Music Group.

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Ter Info

Chase transformed his rural home outside Nashville into a makeshift studio with producer Oscar Charles for this project and the music is a sonic departure for him; however after a decade-plus trying to find his purpose in the industry, he's finally found the sound that feels most authentic to him. He shared the following quote in a recent interview which sums this journey up well:

"Looking inwardly: I’ve done that on this record. I’ve gotten to a place where I’ve faced a lot of stuff that has been tough in my life - a lot of it is self-inflicted - but I’ve gone into a lot of that stuff; I’ve gone into some addiction, some losses, some love lost, a lot of my personal life. I’m at the place in my life now where I just want people to know who I really am as opposed to who they think I am. I think this record's a good start."


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