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Sounds | Cedric Burnside, Step In

Cedric Burnside, kreeg duidelijk de genen mee van zijn grootvader Robert Lee Burnside. Met Step In krijgen we een sterke sound te horen, geen groot orkest maar simpel en puur. Gitaar, drum en een vocaal sterke Cedric. Meer is er niet nodig om je te laten genieten van deze sterke Blues sounds. Zijn nieuwe album I Be Trying komt uit op 25 juni 2021. Stay tuned for more!

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After a year when plenty discovered what "the blues" really means, Cedric Burnside returns with I Be Trying; a new collection of 13 original songs that chart a course through dark times and towards the resonant love waiting to be found on the other side. A masterclass in Mississippi Hill Country Blues from its greatest living practitioner and two-time Grammy nominee, I Be Trying features stories of connection, hurt and redemption in the South as Burnside’s blistering guitar riffs become one with his emotive vocal melodies; sometimes conjuring what words can not. I Be Trying finds Cedric, a student of and collaborator with his legendary grandfather RL Burnside, teaming with producer Boo Mitchell (“Uptown Funk” etc.) and Luther Dickinson (North Mississippi All-Stars) - themselves descendants of the great musical traditions of the American Delta - at Memphis' hallowed Royal Studios, where Al Green, Solomon Burke, Buddy Guy and so many other legends came before. Despite this pedigree, or because of it, I Be Trying feels thoroughly modern, reinterpreting those musical legacies into a bold, contemporary Black American sound that expands the sonic landscape while respecting and honoring its roots. Nowhere is this more evident than on lead single "Step In," which finds Burnside praying to the heavens to escape hardship and despair but with metaphors reflecting the ails of our present-day world: "like an addict fiending for crack...Lord step in."


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