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Sounds | Casey, Atone

Gisteren was het alweer 8 jaar geleden dat Casey, de groep die onlangs een terugkeer maakte, hun allereerste single Hell uitbrachten. Dat moet gevierd hebben, dachten ze. En daar was Atone, het tweede liedje (na Great Grief) dat we te horen krijgen sinds de Britse groep terug opdook. Een typische Casey song waar de fans vast en zeker van zullen smullen!

OUR DISTRIBUTORS LEAKED THIS BY ACCIDENT 2 WEEKS AGO BUT NOW IT'S OFFICIALLY ATONE DAY. 8 years ago today we released Hell, our first single as Casey. So to celebrate the anniversary of our oldest song, we're releasing a brand new one.⁠ Atone is out now, and available to stream from the regular popular streaming services. We're super proud of this song, and hope you love it as much as we do.⁠



Casey are a five-piece melodic hardcore band from South Wales. The band's 2016 debut, Love Is Not Enough, was a raw and visceral exploration of vocalist Tom Weaver’s personal relationships. It was an open-heart surgery that examined his romantic and familial bonds, or their wreckage, in the context of his own mental health, to devastating effect.

2018’s follow-up, Where I Go When I Am Sleeping, is no less revealing. But instead of concentrating on what Weaver considers the same old topics of love and loss, the band – completed by Liam Torrance (lead guitar), Toby Evans (guitar/backing vocals), Adam Smith (bass) and Max Nicolai (drums) – instead turns its focus to the issues of Weaver’s own body and the main physical and mental afflictions that have dogged him for the majority of his life.

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