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Sounds | Camilla Wells, Lullaby

Zo eentje die tussen de mazen van het net glipt. Lullaby is een goed nummer, is goed gezongen, zit goed in elkaar wat instrumenten betreft en heeft een goede videoclip. Goed dus, niet meer en niet minder. Lekker in het oor liggende pop rock die omwille van de lyrics en dat 'randje' bij alternative rock aanleunt.

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Camilla Wells is back to face her fears — and to explore the darkest and the most tormented sides of the human soul — with her third single Lullaby.

“Fears can kill you every day. They are silent partners; many-headed monsters. They’re wars that generate war,” explains the singer. “In Lullaby I face them head on, one by one. Because music is a therapy and Lullaby is my scream: It’s a storm of sounds to tell myself they’re just fears and I can get rid of them.” Lullaby, a scratchy and visceral track shaped on an alternative rock sound inspired by the ’90s, wa written by Wells and Vincenzo Del Corno, who took part in the production aspect entrusted to Marco Barusso. The video, directed by Lù Magarò and Gabriele Zanoncelli, and featuring an all-female cast, condenses the meaning of the song in a kind of horror story full of symbolism. Camilla runs in terror, blindfolded and accompanied by Valentina, her bolder alter ego. The two young women desperately try to escape from zombie girls who represent their darkest fears.”


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