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Sounds | Brittany Howard - What Now

Na Jaime was het een poosje still rond deze uiterst getalenteerde dame. Nu is ze terug, en hoe! Howard stond erom bekend niet steeds toegankelijke songs te pennen. What Now lijkt wel een ommezwaai op dat vlak. Ook naar de algehele funky sound. Ritmische drums en een pompende basgitaar (Zac Cockrell van Alabama Shakes) domineren deze song, al komt er halfweg best fijn gitaarwerk opduiken, later ook leuke keys. Qua zang blijft ze helemaal in de mix en doet ze me wat aan Prince denken.

Naast Chris Stapleton een tweede klepper die hier geen enkele promo krijgt!! What is going on?

Island Records / UMG Recordings

What Now verschijnt op 9 februari 2024 via Island Records / UMG Recordings.


"I am so proud and excited to announce the release of my new song “What Now”. It was written during the pandemic when the question “What now” was on all of our minds. I think it is a feeling that has continued to the present moment in the world we live in. It is also the title of the new album and I think when you hear it you will understand why I landed on that title…but more on that later. Thanks to Zac Cockrell, Nate Smith, Paul Horton, and Lloyd Buchanan for crushing it as always and to Shawn Everett for being my partner in crime. Love you all. Thank you for listening and being there for me through/with all my twists and turns."

Brittany Howard shipped a single of 2019’s most commanding albums with Jaime, a warm, electrifying established of rock and R&B anthems that traversed grief, spirituality, self-determination, and legitimate love. She has mainly saved a lower profile given that, help you save for some Jaime re-is effective, a address for a Minions film, and this summer’s glassy one with the violinist Rob Moose. Now she returns with “What Now,” a quaking introduction to her following chapter and a sharply in-depth portrait of the singer-songwriter in conflicted contemplation.

Brittany Howard opens “What Now” with a series of connection uncertainties and a reluctant apology—tremors that advise the commence of a everlasting fracture. She’s not right here to pick a fight with her spouse, but she’s tired of wondering about what deeper success lies on the other side. She hems in her restlessness with a terse, buzzy guitar melody, and inside of a handful of seconds, she dials up from a simmer to an eruption. “I don’t have enjoy to give you a lot more/You are fucking up my strength/I told the real truth so set me absolutely free,” she growls in the meaty chorus, liberated by the truth. As Howard muscular tissues via the briars of her consciousness, climbing atop a plinth of chugging bass and percussive skitter, she would seem to solution her very own issues. By the conclude of the track, she isn’t sorry anymore.


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