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Sounds | Boston Manor, Desperate Pleasures

Morgen komt Boston Manor op de proppen met hun nieuwste EP Desperate Times Desperate Pleasures. Voor het zover is, krijgen we nog en laatste voorproefje met hun song Desperate Pleasures. De nieuwe sound die we te horen krijgen, toont aan dat Boston Manor een krachtige groep is en niet een eendagsvlieg. Het is alvast uitkijken naar morgen!

“It’s a song about generational change,” says the band’s vocalist Henry Cox on the new single. “I think the pandemic brought out some good in people but it also brought out a lot of nastiness. I saw a lot of appalling behaviour over the last 18 months & it made me feel quite depressed. As soon as people are placed under difficult circumstances they should come together, not start lashing out & taking everything for themselves. I guess this song is me hoping that things will get better.”

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Over de nieuwe ep

‘Desperate Times Desperate Pleasures’ incorporates five tracks including the new single and recently released compositions ‘Algorithm’and ‘Carbon Mono’, which was already inciting moshpits and scream-alongs at the band’s first shows back this summer. The collection sees Boston Manor tapping into teen influences of the late 90s – the Cardigans, the Cranberries, later-era Depeche Mode. They recorded their new material at Stustustudio, the Brixton recording location run by producer Larry Hibbitt.


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