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Sounds | Blues Pills - Top of the Sky

Muzikanten, al dan niet amateur (zoals ik) die al wel eens in een opnamestudio gezeten hebben, zullen zulke beelden zeker herkennen. Maar ook voor de gewone muziekliefhebber kan dit erg leuk om te zien zijn. En het levert een originele video op.

In een studio is het zonder glammer, glitter en make-up te doen. Maar wel een overdosis aan apparaten, knopjes en lampjes. Vaak stoppen en opnieuw beginnen, takes overdoen, er af en toe eens naast zitten ... het hoort erbij.

Top of the Sky is geen standaard love ballad maar gaat over sociale media en wat mensen allemaal doen om daar aandacht op te krijgen. Een vloek en een zegen tegelijk zijn ze eigenlijk...

Het nieuwe Blues Pills album, Birthday, verschijnt op 2 augustus via Pollinate Music.

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The song ”Top Of The Sky" is the 3rd single from our upcoming album "Birthday”. In the video for this song, you get to see some actual footage from the recordings of "Top Of The Sky" that we did in Recordia, Varberg. Some funny things pop up here and there in the video, so watch through the whole piece to get some behind the scene glimpses.

On the surface the third single from Blues Pills forthcoming new album Birthday might seem like a straightforward love ballad, but guitarist Zack from Blues Pills explains that “Top Of The Sky is actually about going anywhere and doing anything to seek attention on the internet” he continues “I was inspired by this documentary about an influencer in China who climbs buildings. He climbed a skyscraper and fell and died while streaming. It made me reflect on the age we live in where people are chasing attention and likes on social media, being willing to climb so high to try to find connection and approval online.”

“We’re all trapped in that modern prison of social media, most people are affected by it, this attention seeking, wanting likes, when someone dies doing it, it puts it all into perspective.” States Zack “I am an advocate for digital detoxing, but it becomes hypocritical because we must use social media to push the band out there. But I do think it’s creating a mental health epidemic. If I look at my own life, I feel more stressed the more I use my phone. It almost feels to me like when cigarettes were new, and they said there were no side effects. We still don’t know what the long-term effects of intense social media use on mental health are. At the same time, I don’t think it’s all negative, but this extreme use, people are dying for likes.”


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