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Sounds | Beyond The Black, Down With the Sickness (cover)

Jennifer deed het met een flute en met een cello, maar ik verkoos deze met twee wijnglazen. Leuke setting, beetje sfeer voor de feestdagen en de schitterende stem van miss Haben natuurlijk. Laat me er verder geen woorden aan vuil maken.

Of toch nog even dit: deze sessies staan in het teken van goede doelen, zie hieronder.

W:O:A Acoustic Clash - The Lockdown Session is vanaf 18 december digitaal beschikbaar via Napalm Records

Luister ook naar: To Hell and Back (aka die met de flute) A Warrior's Call (aka die met de cello)


9 januari 2022, Trix (Antwerpen) 6 februari 2022, Tivoli (Utrecht)

ter info 'W:O:A Acoustic Clash' is a bet between Beyond the Black & world famous Wacken Open Air's Thomas Jensen. In the course of a 48 hour studio session the band had to arrange and record acoustic cover versions of 4 different metal songs. All of them chosen beforehand by the Wacken online community. Either Thomas Jensen or Beyond the Black. Whoever loses the bet, is obliged to operate the barbecue at the next Wacken Open Air. All proceeds will be going to different charity organisations (to be announced).

In an undeniably hard year for festivals and the entire music industry, Wacken Open Air challenged Beyond The Black to cover four songs, chosen by their fans and presented on every Advent Sunday. All tracks now culminate in an extraordinary EP featuring four covers of undeniable rock and metal hits, presented in a stunning yet tranquil manner: Sabaton's To Hell and Back”, Disturbd's “Down With The Sickness”, Volbeat's A Warrior’s Call” and last but not least, “The Trooper” by Iron Maiden are dipped in a new light. Jennifer Haben’s remarkable, bold voice weaves throughout every cover version and elevates them to genuine, unique stunners. The soft, acoustic cover versions of these all-time mainstays showcase the band’s musical talent whilst also emphasizing their soft and melodious side. Better be ready for another spark of their multifaceted universe!


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