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Sounds | Beartooth, Riptide

Het is tijd voor nieuwe muziek van Beartooth. Het is de eerste song die we krijgen na de release van de deluxe versie van Below eerder dit jaar. Riptide is duidelijk een ommekeer in het leven van zanger Caleb Shomo. Voorheen gingen de liedjes van Beartooth over het vechten met depressie, het omgaan met pijn, ... Veel negatieve emoties dus. Met de komst van Riptide lijkt de zanger eindelijk zijn weg te vinden naar positiviteit. En wat is dat fijn om te horen!

"Riptide is about trying to start a new chapter in life and trying to stop focusing on all of the negative things that have been surrounding my life for quite some time," aldus de zanger, "and me focusing on being healthier, happier, and having a better time with my life."


Beartooth harness the sacred and profane, purging inner darkness with a dizzying light. The fearlessly determined and boundlessly creative Midwest powerhouse perfects a sound sought by a generation of bands. Their marriage of colossally catchy choruses and post-hardcore, soaked in sweaty metal, is without rival. Its effect is evident by their religiously dedicated global audience; tours with Slipknot, Bring Me The Horizon, Architects, and A Day To Remember; and a RIAA-certified plaque for their hit single “In Between.”

Their latest release Below is a pure distillation of rage — weaponizing its deceptively radio-ready bombast to deliver stone cold truth missives, each packed like a bomb with noisy rock chaos. Below revels in the darker underbelly of traditional metal, soaked in stoner rock tones and doomy dirge. Songs like “Fed Up,” “Dominate,” “Hell Of It,” and the expansive album closer “The Last Riff” are destined to stand beside the strongest of Beartooth’s catalog and moreover, in metal’s pantheon.

Below was written, performed, produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by frontman Caleb Shomo. It began as musical exorcism, conceived and constructed in Shomo’s home recording sanctuary. Shomo delivers his confessional catchy metal on the stage with guitarists Zach Huston and Will Deely, bassist Oshie Bichar, and drummer Connor Denis.

(bron: Red Bull Records)


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