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Sounds | Avatarium, Shake That Demon (live)

Naar aanleiding van hun concertfilm 'An Evening With Avatarium' krijgen we elke week een live nummer te horen/zien. Het optreden werd gefilmd in januari in het legendarische Nalen (Stockholm). Voor fans van klassieke Goden als Dio en Rainbow.

Het concert zal te downloaden zijn via Blackbox op 28 augustus.

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Avatarium will release the show from legendary Nalen in Stockholm as a concert film to download. This was the first show on what should have been the Avatarium tour 2020 and was recorded right before the outbreak of covid-19. Nalen is a beautiful Swedish venue built in 1888. Between 1930 and the end of 60's Nalen was the most important music and culture arena in Stockholm. The concert was filmed with 5 cameras by Blackbox and edited by Magnus Stenvinkel. The sound was mixed by Viktor Stenqvist. This is a one and a half hour full show with Avatarium that shows a band that loves what they are doing and knows how to deliver both excellent musicianship and majestic artistry! Marcus comments: "This is a chance for the fans of Avatarium to see the concert we should have toured with in 2020. This film manages to capture the strong, energetic and warm vibe between the band and the audience that we felt on that particular night" 


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