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Sounds | Author & Punisher, Drone Carrying Dread

Mijn favoriete industrial drone machine is terug en hij klinkt nog even post-apocalyptisch als steeds. Muziek voor sci-fi/horror films over barre desolate werelden met verweerde knarsende metalen constructies en onguur uitziende wezens.

Krüller verschijnt op 11 februari 2022 via Relapse Records


donderdag 6 oktober 2022, Aéronef (Lille), met Pertubator en Health

zondag 6 november 2022, Tivoli (Utrecht), met Pertubator en Health

donderdag 10 november 2022, Ancienne Belgique (Brussel), met Pertubator en Health Lees

Author & Punisher, the alias for visionary San Diego musician-meets-mechanical engineer Tristan Shone, returns with the melody-laden new album, Krüller, featuring a suite of upgraded machines, a distilled vocal process and a handful of guest players including Tool’s Danny Carey and Justin Chancellor. The album will be released on Relapse Records on February 11.

A taste of the eagerly-awaited record arrives with today’s release of “Drone Carrying Dread,” and the accompanying, graphically-saturated video. The clip was directed by Monte Legaspi and features illustrations from album cover artist Zlatko Mitev.

“’Drone Carrying Dread’ was the first song I wrote on Krüller,” explains Shone of the album that thematically was inspired by Octavia E. Butler’s Parable series. “I had just gotten home from the final tour of the Beastland album cycle and I spent a couple weeks updating my overall tones with a nice balance of sub, saw/synth and tube amp. This track was basically the one where it all clicked and I had these chords that resonated just right, shaking the entire warehouse. It's a simple but raw progression that was ripe for the addition of synthesizer programming from co-producer Jason Begin (Vytear). Lyrically, it's about escape and survival, as the events that were unfolding in 2020 were prophesied by the books I was reading throughout the year.”


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