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Sounds | Alana Springsteen - look i like

Terwijl haar vorige single wat 'donkerder' was, gaat de jongedame hier een pak speelser te werk. Het blijft natuurlijk luchtige countrypop - ik heb het precies serieus te pakken de laatste tijd - maar wel van een zéér degelijk niveau. Opvallend toch hoe erg we van elkaar kunnen verschillen: in de V.S. word je overstelpt met dergelijke jonge talenten, terwijl we er hier zelden of nooit over horen, laat staan dat ze hier komen optreden. Mede daarom dat ik mij zéér graag op die markt richt, like it or not!

Twenty Something: Getting It Right verschijnt op 18 augustus 2023 via Columbia Records.

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Sharing the first release from Getting It Right today, Springsteen’s carefree and infectiously confident track called “look i like” marks a bold departure from her last release of the darkly hypnotic “ghost in my guitar (feat. Chris Stapleton)” – off the second installment, TWENTY SOMETHING: Figuring It Out. Receiving high-profile attention on Billboard’s “Cool New Pop Songs” and “Must-Hear New Country Songs” lists, plus lauded by NPR, “Springsteen pulls off a deep understanding of human nature with surprising detail,” “look i like” continues to keep all eyes on Springsteen, this time showing off her more fun-loving and flirtatious side. Produced by Pete Good and Springsteen (two frequent collaborators who also co-wrote the track with Shane McAnally), “look i like” presents a detailed play-by-play of pursuing the object of her instant infatuation, as it brings that easygoing self-assurance to a beautiful backdrop of lush synth, bright banjo tones, and sublimely breezy rhythms.

“I wrote ‘look i like’ with Shane McAnally and Pete Good. I remember every second of that day because I had never written a song like this before. That session was the first time I remember feeling ready to explore the emotions that come with truly wanting someone again. I’ve noticed part of what makes songwriters like Shane so great is their ability to write instinctively and to know when to trust those instincts. ‘look i like’ fell out very quickly because we didn’t let ourselves overthink or overwrite it. There are days when you do that and you end up with a song that could have been better, and there are days it ends up being exactly what it was meant to be. This day was the latter … so much so, that the final vocal is the one from the day we wrote it,” adds Springsteen. “When I write songs I know I need to get out, there tends to be a magic to the day-of vocal. Texture, emotion, feel. In this case there was a deep yearning in my voice that I didn’t want to mess with, so it stayed. With every decision we made on this song while writing and producing it, we wanted to capture the energetic exchange that happens when you notice someone you have insane chemistry with. It’s all completely non-verbal. Everything from the vocal runs, to the bare instrumentation was meant to create anticipation and tension. ‘we don’t chase, we attract’ is also a theme that runs through Getting It Right, and adding that spoken section was a last minute decision I made while Pete and I were in the final stages of producing it. I’ve never been one to make the first move but there’s a lot you can say to someone without saying a word. ‘look i like’ is basically a play-by-play of the internal dialogue I experienced in a moment where I felt that way for the first time in a long time. This song will never not make me feel some type of way.”

Named Apple Music’s Country Riser of the Month for July, Springsteen recently graced the pages of The Tennessean with a print Portfolio feature and an album review in Nashville Lifestyles (on stands now) – “the trilogy of country-pop catharsis is complete,” further applauds the magazine. “Tracing her own coming-of-age with confident vocals and wry wit, it’s the soundtrack to an indelible decade.” Tonight in West Valley City, UT, she wraps up her summer run in support of Luke Bryan – go to for a full list of upcoming tour dates and ticketing information.


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