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Ons Team | Cristina Vergara, fotograaf

Ondertussen zijn we terug volop vertrokken om jullie onze 'nieuwe' teamleden voor te stellen. Enkele hiervan zijn er wel al even bij, dus hoog tijd om de schade in te halen. Verwacht jullie de komende dagen/weken aan een verse lading sisters en brothers.

Maak vandaag kennis met...

Mijn naam is Cristina Vergara, 35 jaar en wonende in Brussel (Belgie). Unfortunately, that's the only Dutch I'm confident to share, for now, so you'll have to read my exciting reviews in English, together with the rest of my Bio. You willl find me at mostly jazz concerts happening in Brussels, but also covering any other style that BIR agrees on. Yes, I am the one starting to fill up the page with Jazz music, although you'll also find me covering rock, punk and sometimes metal.

Although I am a Scientist from Spain, I've been living in Brussels for more than 7 years, and my passion for photography started long before that with landscapes and architecture, but after loosing the motivation to just go out and shoot, inspiration found me back when I started to go out to cafés in Brussels to take pictures of Jazz Jam sessions. And that was it, I was hooked again. After creating a separate instagram page for these kind of pictures, BIR found me to become a member of this wonderful team, and with it I regained even more my motivation back to go out and take pictures again. Although photography is not my main job, it fills up my free time after long days of work.

mijn eerste concert als fotograaf:

Flagey Jazz Festival, Brussels.

mijn favoriete concert als fotograaf:

Avishai Cohen, Ancienne Belgique, February 2023. First time taking pictures of this great musician and so much fun to shoot.

helemaal bovenaan mijn bucketlist:

Become better at every concert I have the pleasure to attend and always keep improving.


Currently concert photography, but willing to explore portrait and events in general.

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