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Nieuws | Haunting the Castle V - Nieuwe lading namen

Yes!!! Berlin Funeral Death Doom quintet Urza returns to the Castle. The band has played the first edition and is eager to bring darkness back to the festival again!

This year, a storm called "Otto" prevented them to come and play at Haunting The Castle IV. It was obvious for us (and them) to try again and to make it happen at this 5th edition. Hailing from Sweden, please welcome When Nothing Remains on the bill!

If Tyranny undoubtedly is a pillar of the Finnish funeral doom scene, we are sure that Profetus is another one ! Useless to say that we are more than proud and happy to have such heavy and solid foundations for this 5th edition of HAUNTING THE CASTLE!!! Oh yes we are!!

After announcing some funeral doom and doom / death bands, I guess it is time to reveal the HAUNTING THE CASTLE V torchbearers of epic doom ! Featuring (ex-) members of Voidhaven, Crimson Swan and Ophis, Fvneral Fvkk is a hell of a band on stage, and one of our favourite bands in the genre since their inception in 2015. Are you ready to receive the sacrament of (carnal) confession? 😉

On February 3rd, 2023, Meuse Music Records has released the first album of a band truly embodying the spirit of the UK gothic doom / death ! If you don’t know them already, be sure that on February 18th, 2024, you’ll be fan of Elderseer!

(bron: Haunting the Castle)

Zaterdag 17 februari, Avouerie, Anthisnes


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