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Nieuws | From Dusk Till Doom V: Special performance van (EchO)

Experienced Doomers who have listened to (EchO's) latest album, "Witnesses", will have noticed the appearance on 2 tracks of this angelic and crystalline female voice well known to fans of the genre. It is none other than the one of Heike Langhans, who notably officiated in the mighty DRACONIAN for 2 albums, and is now evolving alongside with Mike Lamb from SOJOURNER, in her own project REMINA, whose live session guitarist is none other than Mauro of (Echo)!

Breaking news : the participants in our next Doom mass will have the chance to attend a special gig of (EchO), enhanced by the presence of Heike! You will have to be there from the very start in order not to miss this special performance since (EchO) will be opening the fest.

Don't forget to book your pre-sale ticket here. Today there are 120 standard tickets and less than 10 VIP tickets left.


Zaterdag 7 oktober, Centre Culturel d'Engis, Engis

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