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Nieuws | From Dusk Till Doom V: Anniversary Edition

"Referees don't go fast"... So From Dusk Till Doom is back in 2023! 10 years after the first edition, 5th chapter, 1st edition in 5 years,... Don't these round numbers call for some celebration? In fact, From Dusk Till Doom V will be special edition. Indeed, after a long break and before possibly going back in the future to discover new domesque territories, it seemed obvious to us to take a moment back to the past, to these first 4 editions. So the poster for this FDTD5 will exclusively consist of groups that have already graced the festival scene. We're hoping this poster speaks as much to the Doomers familiar to From Dusk... One thing is for sure with us, we will do our best to ensure that this anniversary edition gives everyone an exquisite, “suspended” Doom moment. Welcome to From Dusk Till Doom V!

To complete this retrospective anniversary poster of the first 4 editions of From Dusk Till Doom, it would have been surprising not to invite a band from the poster from the 2nd edition (2016).

The band we're announcing today definitely has a unique aura, like their music that combines frugality and transcendence, defining a style like no other.

There must be that something about the 1000 lakes land that explains the high quality and extraordinarily deep music productivity of this country's native bands.

We easily remember how happy we were to be able to confirm their participation as a headliner at FDTD2, and proud that they agreed to play an extra-long set for the occasion. Indeed at the time, Monotony Fields had just hit the shelves and the band blessed the FromDusk community with a special set including the entire album Angels of Distress!

In the meantime, enough years have passed for the band to offer fans a new collection of top-notch Atmospheric Funeral Doom tracks through the album 'Return to the void' out in early 2022.

Coming from Helsinki, Shape Of Despair ( ) once again gives us the honor of coming to break the boards of FDTD. Rare are their stage appearances, making their second appearance on the FromDusk poster even more remarkable...


Zaterdag 7 oktober, Centre Culturel d'Engis, Engis

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