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Nieuws | dunk!festival 2023: 8 nieuwe namen

- Persbericht -

Maybeshewill already performed at dunk!festival 2015. Yes, it’s been 8 year since we had them on our stage so it’s about time they came back! This legendary post-rock quintet reformed and reprised touring quite recently actually so you’re in luck!

Another candidate for set of the day will be EF. These Swedes are known for combining soft melodies with extremely animated performances where they end up joining the crowd in the pit on more than once occasion. Their set last year in Hasselt with We Lost The Sea and Solkyri is still lingering in our collective memories.

We got to know A.A. Williams better while pressing her latest record ‘As The Moon Rests’ at dunk!pressing just recently and thought we should see this live together with all of you! This British singer-songwriter has an aptitude for building cathartic atmospheres delightfully balanced between quiet and explosive moments and drenched with thrilling suspense and tension.

Romanian post-rock band Am Fost La Munte Și Mi-a Plăcut is solid as a rock and they also seem to like mountains. We were so impressed with their performance at dunk!festival 2019 that not only we invited them back this year, but we also pressed their newest record ‘La Vale’ with dunk!records last year!

Marc Euvrie is also known as The Eye Of Time (or as part of explosive duo Karysun). He appeared and remained on our radar from the start with his self titled debut album in 2012. This really should be enough to get you hyped for his set!

José Tomás Molina is a young Chilean composer, balancing on the line between neoclassical and ambient. He himself describes his beautifully intricate music as ‘incidental’ compositions, which promises to be a perfect fit for the theatre stage!!

Gavran from The Netherlands is simply a perfect match. They briefly introduced themselves to us, we released their album ‘Indistinct Beacon’ on vinyl and invited them to present it live to you. It’s one of those dunk!stories we’re proud to share with you. We’ll definitely be on the front row to get blown away so make sure to join us!

8th artist on this announcement is French electronic drone artist Lacustre. He’s well-known in the underground scene for creating haunting soundscapes, reminiscing of post-industrial landscapes, noire and neorealist movies. Perfect set for the darkest of our four stages and for those of you who always dare and are always in for a new experience.

(bron: dunk!festival)

info & tickets

donderdag 18, vrijdag 19 en zaterdag 20 mei 2023, Kunstencentrum VIERNULVIER (Gent, BE)

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