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Nieuws | dunk!festival 2022: zes nieuwe namen!

Nog 165 dagen en het is zover: dunk!fest 2022, voor het eerst in Kunstencentrum Vooruit! De nieuwe toevoegingen zijn I Hear Sirens, Coldbones, Lili Refrain, Astodan, Cecilia::eyes and Fågelle.

- Persbericht -

In 2020, seven years after their previous release, these modern post-rock trend-setters triumphantly dramatically re-emerged with Stella Mori. If you’re familiar with their work, then you’ll understand exactly why I Hear Sirens is a perfect fit for the dunk! stage. If you haven’t, consider yourself in for an extraordinary treat.

One of the latest dunk!records signing Coldbones present a fresh and engaging take on post-rock: meticulous layered songs display vast melodies and atmospheric soundscapes that blend well with the sullen heavy riffs. The straightforward approach will instantly drag you into their sonic adventure along the landscapes of metal, shoegaze and electronic features.

With no backing tracks or computer assistance, Italian solo artist Lili Refrain builds spellbinding soundscapes in real time, a stylistic approach that lives in perpetual vulnerability, but thrives on confident expression. Curious festivalgoers will revel in the opportunity to immerse themselves in a performance that is, by nature, one of a kind.

Astodan - meaning ossuary in the ancient Iranian funerary rites - sets the sacral act of inhumation perfectly to music. The combination of modest ambient soundscapes with rich harmonies, intimate keys and bursts of metal-oriented riffs will take you along the funeral procession and illuminates the feelings of sadness and respect, serenity and discretion. The funeral is scheduled on Thursday May 26th. Dresscode: black. Flowers nor wreaths.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to shut your eyes and lose yourself in the music, this Belgian shoegaze/post-rock outfit offers exactly what you seek. In some hazy space at the intersection of “wall of sound” and “hauntingly beautiful,” you’ll find Cecilia::Eyes, extending a safe space to let go of everything around you and just be present in the moment.

Set against a backdrop of stark electronic soundscapes, Klara Andersson’s striking and unique vocals raise Fågelle from the ranks of solo artists to something transcending experimental and becoming existential. We anticipate a quiet room of attendees thoroughly absorbed in the strange beauty emanating from the stage.


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