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Nieuws | dunk!festival 2022: lineup volledig.

Om de lineup van deze editie van dunk!fest te vervolledigen werd maar liefst vier keer uit het eigen vaatje getapt, naast twee selecties uit de V.S. en eentje uit het V.K. Het mag ook opnieuw een eclectische keuze genoemd worden. Voor de details verwijzen we graag naar het persbericht dat je hieronder kan terugvinden.

- Persbericht -

Black Narcissus In the past decade or so we’ve seen bands comprised solely of bass and drums, but nothing quite like Belgium’s Black Narcissus, who eschew the expected low-end to create dense, melodic, impactful compositions birthed by improvisation and completed with careful layering. Aside from the enjoyment of experiencing this music live, there is an added layer of intrigue attached to the sheer excitement of witnessing two people execute songs that sound as if they’re being performed by an entire collective of musicians.

Dustbug This hometown collective from here in Gent are clearly believers in patience and restraint in music, as their style of loop-heavy psychedelic drone with krautrock sensibilities is all about the precision and gradual nature of world-building and dramatic impact. This is a band we’re incredibly intrigued to see perform on our stage, one that few will see coming but many will not soon forget.

Rafael Anton Irisarri This Seattle-based composer embodies the best characteristics of minimalism and drone music, manipulating simplicity to paint broad portraits. It’s rare that you need to prepare an audience to hold onto their seats for an ambient artist, but that certainly feels like the case with Irisarri. We aren’t sure our new concert hall space can contain his uniquely thunderous take on tranquil sounds, but we’re certainly excited to find out.

Mary Lattimore This prolific Los Angeles-based harpist has a delicate performance style that is intimate in its immediate impression, but as the listener gradually lets go and allows themself to be absorbed, the scope slowly expands until the experience becomes something akin to drifting above the Earth, observing all there is to see from a place of tranquility. Let’s face it, we all have varying degrees of healing to undergo after these turbulent two years, and perhaps there is no better way to face that than back together again. Mary Lattimore’s music is the perfect vehicle to explore that initiative.

Northwest This UK-based duo matches their neoclassical compositional style and dreamy lo-fi vocals with an orchestral accompaniment to create a distinctively spell-binding form of avant-garde chamber pop. There may appear to be a chasm between minimalism and ambition, but somehow Northwest finds a way to inhabit both sensibilities simultaneously.

Ohio Mark This Antwerp trio leans heavily into the noise rock end of the shoegaze spectrum, unleashing swirling maelstroms of buzzing guitars, swelling synth, and anxious percussion that do their best to cloak some genuinely moving melodies in a thick haze of aggressive dissonance. We can’t wait to hear how their music fills out a room, as we suspect it will provide at least some of our audience with something not unlike an out-of-body experience.

Psychonaut Imagine a fluid blend of the austerity of post-metal, the snarling abrasiveness of sludge, and the expansiveness of psychedelic rock, and you’ll have a good idea of the commanding force and savvy songwriting possessed by this Belgian trio. Though they’ve been on the scene for a shorter time than many of their esteemed counterparts, they demonstrate striking songwriting, supreme confidence, and unquestionable ability that sets them alongside post-metal luminaries as peers rather than disciples.


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