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Nieuws | Down The Hill: 3 nieuwe namen!

Down The Hill loste vorige week nog eens drie nieuwe namen voor hét gezelligste rockfestival van de zomer. Hieronder wat ze de wereld instuurden:


These guys from Berlin, Germany combine joy, intensity and humor with amazing musicianship and outstanding song-writing mapping the nerd-territory somewhere between Motorpscho, King Crimson and Captain Beefheart! The quintet’s concerts are majestic trips: 70s Hard Rock meets dirty Beat and morphs into cineastic sounds and epic Artrock-Jam parts driven by long guitar, trombone and sax solos. COOGANS BLUFF are masters in building up and releasing the tension. Their wild ride between headbanging and Jazz Rock guarantees a groovy show that forces everyone to dance and shake his head!


The Belgian stoner rock quartet Fire Down Below mixes fuzzy desert riffs with 90's grunge and heavy psych to create a unique sound, in which stoner/doom heaviness is coupled with a sense of melody and a powerful voice. Formed in Ghent in 2015, Fire Down Below first came into the spotlight when they self-released their debut album Viper Vixen Goddess Saint in September 2016. The album received positive reviews around the world and quickly attracted attention from the Californian label Ripple Music, where bands like Wo Fat and Mothership are at home. Ripple Music re-released VVGS worldwide in 2017 and did the same for follow-up Hymn of the Cosmic Man.


Formed in 2008 by Adriaan De Raymaeker and Wolf Overloop, Dorre has gone through a slew of transformations while maintaining their core. Shifting from a duo blasting out hours of improvised stoner doom to a full-on five piece post-metal band with psychedelic and jazzy undertones. The band has gigged throughout Europe, playing clubs and stages from Praag to Denmark to London to Edinburgh. Over the last year, Dorre has focused on building a studio, working on a new album and adding vocals to the roster.

vrijdag en zaterdag 25 & 26 augustus 2023, Rillaar

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