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Nieuws | Desertfest Antwerpen : uurrooster beschikbaar

- Persbericht -

Hello fellow Desertfesters

The place is here, the time is now!

It’s always of crucial importance to know where you are and even more important WHEN you are. Especially WHEN you are in the desert…

where it becomes a matter of life or death to find your way towards an oasis of heavenly guitars where you can quench your thirst for riffs!

All this to let you know: we are excited to share the daily timetables for Desertfest Antwerp with you!

You can find them over here.

Speaking of ‘the place is here, the time is now’, those desert tickets are still here right now. Go get ‘em if you haven’t already!

DF ANTWERP & GHENT REDUCED COMBI: 149 Euros (valid 4 days: 14-16/10 - Antwerp & 30/10 - Ghent) DF ANTWERP ONLY REDUCED COMBI: 120 Euros (valid 3 days: 14-16/10 - Antwerp) DF ANTWERP ONLY REDUCED DAY TICKET: 58 Euros (valid 1 day: 14, 15 or 16/10 - Antwerp) DF GHENT ONLY REDUCED DAY TICKET: 52 Euros (valid 1 day: 30/10 - Ghent)

Info & Tickets

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