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Nieuws | Desertfest Antwerpen en Gent 2022: Laatste namen

- Persbericht -

This is the final batch of names that completes the DF Antwerp line-up, and we’ve definitely saved up some fine morsels for last. All sizes and shapes is the name of the game, so get hyped and dig in.

For those of you who like their stoner music to truly widen the senses, Weedpecker and Somali Yacht Club definitely fit the bill. Both incorporate many psychedelic influences in their jams, taking you on a killer trip.

On the more brutal side of things, we welcome New York’s death metal pioneers Incantation who come to celebrate their ‘Tricennial of Blasphemy’. With Slomatics, we present you with the heaviest of heavy in sludge doom. No messing about - just pummelling wall-to-wall riffage.

Wucan and Rosy Finch enrich our line-up with two kick-ass women that deal in idiosyncratic and highly original rock. Wucan’s Francis Tobolsky still rocks a flute like nobody’s business, and speaking of unconventional instruments in stoner bands: meet My Diligence who traded their bass player for a Moog keyboard!

As an unfortunate side-note: we have been mercifully spared of cancellations this year.. until now. We are sad to let you know that Mothership will not be appearing at this year’s Desertfest Belgium. Their slot has already been filled in above, but still… it’s a bummer.

Every Desertfest-edition there is always something truly unique happening. This year noisers/punkers/trashers Pink Room will not only play Desertfest Antwerp, they will also play in their hometown at Desertfest Ghent! Even more unique is that they will play the Black Sabbath classic album ‘Paranoid’ (1970) from A to Z at both shows. What a black surprise!


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