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News | Desertfest 2021: ... is on + Gent!

- Persbericht - We're back... bigger and better than ever! Here's the news you were waiting to hear: We will have a Desertfest Belgium edition at Trix Antwerpen on 15-16-17 October 2021.

BUT THERE'S MORE! We are adding a new festival edition in another esteemed Belgian club venue: Kunstencentrum Vooruit in Ghent. For this year, this event will be limited to one evening on 30/10, but you can expect a full-blown second festival weekend from 2022 onwards. Most of the lineup will be shared, but of course each venue will bring its own personal touch. We are most hyped for this new chapter in the Belgian DF saga!

Presale for both events starts on Monday 28/06 at 2pm CET. We will also announce the first names at that time. Antwerp combi tickets are €87,50 ALL-IN, the Ghent Fest will cost you €52,00 ALL-IN. If you have a 2020 voucher you have received your instructions last week. If not, get in touch.

Of course, due to COVID still not entirely beaten we have a few restrictions and uncertainties to take into account. The lineup will be somewhat reduced, and we'll probably have a few more local acts than usual. Still, we're doing our best to make it worth your while, and we're confident that you will all bring that precious Desertfest vibe that makes our festival the best in town, anytime and anywhere.

Now go and spread the word, and get in line for them tickets!

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