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Fotoverslag | Silent Utopia + Octale - Le Botanique

For the second time last week, I went back to Le Botanique, and fortunately for me to the magic Rotonde. Sunday was a metal night made in Belgium, at the occasion of the release of the first album from the symphonic metal band from Belgium Silent Utopia, formed in 2018 by the guitar player and composer Ignazio Di Salvo. The band mixed together more modern aggressive metal and frenetic guitar riffs with the beautiful soprano voice of Meggy Meyer, the lead singer. The band presented some old and some new songs from their new album that will soon be released, expectedly in June. They also made a small pause from their own music to surprise the small audience with two different covers, one from Epica and one of Stand my ground from Within Temptation.

The ones to open the act were Octale, a rock band from Brussels formed on 2018, that mixes rock with heavy metal and grunge, who’s vocal style led by Lucy Rigaux (voice and bass) has been compared to the 90s grunge, and who together with the rest of the trio created the perfect atmosphere for this release party, filling the room with their poetry lyrics and powerful melodies. As Lucy stated, it was also a perfect birthday gift for her, to be the opening act of this soon to be even more successful band, as well as it will be for the younger members of Octale.

Silent Utopia



Zondag 28 mei 2023, Le Botanique (Brussel, BE) | Foto's & tekst: Cristina Vergara

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