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Fotoverslag | Next.Ape + Guillaume Vierset - AB Club

Wednesday was a day of firsts for me, first day at the AB club, and first day to have an All Access pass at a concert. This time I went to finally see some jazz, from the amazing Next.Ape and the awesome guitar player Guillaume Vierset.

Guillaume Vierset, the guitar player and composer from Brussels, went on stage first with the quartet group he’s leading, called EDGES, presenting their first album “The End of The F***ing world“, a kind of mix between rock and jazz that I was missing for so long. This kind of gig is one of those that apart from being fun to shoot, it’s also just a pleasure to sit down and enjoy the music, the rhythm and the catchy riffs. We already had the pleasure to have a taste of what was coming next, as the talented singer from Next.Ape joined the formation for a song adding some voice and sweetness to the performance that ended beautifully with a solo song of Guillaume. I have to say it was a nightmare in terms of photography, as the colourful lights and the constant smoke made it pretty hard to take good pictures.

The next ones on stage, also presenting their album release “The Fourth Wall’, was Next.Ape. The sounds that Veronika is able to make with her beautiful voice are insane, and I loved the combination of her voice with that of the bruxelois drummer and composer Antoine Pierre. A big surprise for me was when Veronika turned into a robot surrounded by an electronic bit all around, to then switch again to her beautiful voice into a really sweet jazz piece.

Overall a night full of local jazz held in the cosy AB club.


Edges-Guillaume Vierset


woensdag 17 mei 2023, AB Club (Brussel, BE) | Foto's & tekst: Cristina Vergara


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