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Fotoverslag | Mansur Brown – Ancienne Belgique

The so often described virtuose guitarist blending jazz, club music and Afrobeats, Mansur Browm, ripped everyone’s souls yesterday at a very intimate setting at AB, on its AB box format, only allowing for attendants to stand on the ground floor, which was almost cut in half by a big red curtain, and same went for the balconies, covered as well by curtains. The venue was just half full though, probably due to ongoing circumstances near the city center. But those who attended could enjoy of Brown’s virtuosity on his guitar, together with a 3-member band including bass, drums and keyboard who introduced some of the softer melodies of the evening.


Maandag 16 oktober 2023, Ancienne Belgique (Brussel, BE) | Foto's & tekst: Cristina Vergara


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