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Fotoverslag | Eliades Ochoa – Ancienne Belgique

AB adopted its flex arrangement to host the latest tour of the Cuban star from Buenavista Social Club Eliades Ochoa. I was so buzzed to attend his concert as I had never seen him or the group before in live, although I danced to his songs and multiple versions of them in my salsa soirées. Right on time, the five white suited musicians stepped foot on stage, and warmed up the audience, that had patiently waited for 1 hour without any kind of entertainment in the venue. The band started at the son of “A la luna yo me voy”, during which a black dressed Eliades made his appearance on stage. He after greeted everyone and apologised for his bad English, before setting his guitar up on his chest to start alegrando el mundo (bringing joy to the world), as he sings in his song bearing that same name, and playing most of the songs of his latest album “Guajiro”, released this year. The setlist comprised a usual selection of guajiras, sones, and boleros. Hi thanked the audience as a big family for their presence and taking the time to come see him, although there was not enough bailadera until he started playing some of older songs like the world famous “chan chan” or “el cuarto de tula”. Although it was at “candela” where musicians went crazy picking up people from the audience to transform the stage onto some sort of guateque, finally getting everyone to dance to their Cuban rhythms. For me, I just couldn’t keep my feet still from the moment I was able to forget about work and enjoy his positive energy and warm music.


Dinsdag 4 oktober 2023, Ancienne Belgique (Brussel, BE) | Foto's & tekst: Cristina Vergara


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