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Fotoverslag | Don Kapot + guests - AB Club

W.E.R.F. records celebrated their 30 years at AB club in a two-day event full of Belgian jazz this week. I only attended one of the two, on Thursday, for the presentation of Don Kapot’s new album "I love Tempo", that was proudly advertised with t-shirs and a cap the group was wearing during their performance. The Belgian-Greek trio started with their first 3 songs of their new album, the first one being Me Pig with a technical problem at the bass guitar that was quickly solved, and Viktor Perdieus started playing his keys again to start the show, grooving through the night with their hardcore jazz, softened by the sound of the saxophone that was adding a disturbing jazzy ambience to the scene.

The guests of the night were the group Odil with the beautiful and sweet voice of Nina Kortekass as a lead singer, and pianist Alex Koo. Odil were the first ones on stage, setting a dreamy soft mood with their song Daisy, followed by Angels. Alex Koo just came straight to the piano and started displaying his magic art and virtuosity. He played songs full of fast and complex rythms, like “ready, set, go”, mixed with slower pieces like the one dedicated to his daughter that thouched everyone’s souls. There was space for smaller introductions afterwards, of his music, his career and praise to the label for their support, but maybe the fun part of the night was when he introduced the song about the hunt of a spermwhale for a giant squid, 2kms under the see, graphically explaining and afterward musically captured, of how these whales are able to find the squids with their sonar system, hence the name of the song, leading to a bloody end. He even sang on one of his pieces as a homage to Ennio Morricone, who inspired the song.

Don Kapot

Alex Koo

Odil feat. Nina Kortekass


Donderdag 21 september 2023, AB Club (Brussel, BE) | Foto's & tekst: Cristina Vergara


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