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Fotoverslag | Brussels Jazz Festival 2024 – Day 6 – Flagey

Aka Moon & The Orchestral Constellation @ Flagey (Brussel, BE)

The Brussels Jazz Festival at Flagey unfolded a rhythmic musical journey yesterday, featuring the exceptional talents of Aka Moon, the Wajdi Riahi Trio, and the experimental sounds of Don Kapot.

Kicking off the evening was the Wajdi Riahi Trio offering their contemporary and cross-cultural influences. Wajdi Riahi's oud added a distinctive Middle Eastern flavor to the ensemble, complemented by a mesmerizing interplay between the double bass and percussion. The trio's performance was a celebration of cultural diversity, seamlessly blending traditional elements with modern jazz improvisation. The audience was treated with some songs of their newest album, Essia, that carries the name of his mother, and also bears the name of one song of the album. The melancholic touch of the performance came with a solo song performed by Riahi himself on the piano, and whistling, to honour his sister.

Next on the big studio were the renowned Aka Moon, a band that has long been synonymous with pushing the boundaries of jazz. The trio were accompanied by The Orchestral Constellation whose performance was a masterclass in musical virtuosity, with Fabrizio Cassol's saxophone, Michel Hatzigeorgiou's bass, and Stéphane Galland's drums creating a mesmerizing fusion of sound. Wajdi Riahi joined the formation at the end to delight the audience with his piano skills and voice, creating an immersive experience with some of the musicians walking around the audience.

Closing the festival on a high note was the avant-garde ensemble Don Kapot playing at the lobby, creating a close-up encounter between them and the public. Known for their fearless experimentation and boundary-pushing compositions, their performance was a sonic adventure, navigating through crazy rhythms and disco sounds. Don Kapot's ability to create an immersive and unpredictable atmosphere was the perfect ending for the sixth day of the festival.

Aka Moon

Wajdi Riahi Trio

Don Kapot


Woensdag 17 januari 2024, Flagey (Brussel, BE) | Foto's & tekst: Cristina Vergara

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