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Fotoverslag | Brosella Spring Festival 2023 - LaVallée

The team from the Brosella Festival, happening in the summer in Brussels, organised last weekend a smaller Brosella Spring festival at LaVallée in Molenbeek, adopting a pay-what-you-can entry policy, to allow everyone to attend the festival. The festival lasted for 4 days, and was closed on the last one with a delicious brunch from La Cassonade, adopting the same paying model as the festival.

Although I only attended the last two days, I really enjoyed seeing the 3’ain trio presenting their album Sea of stories, and playing nice tangos like the Soleil du nord, or songs with names inspired by actual boats that can be found at the port of Knokke. Stéphane Galland played in the big Gallery of LaVallée, accompanied by younger musicians in their second concert together, and who just recorded an album that will be released next year. The last performance of Saturday was the one of Bandler Ching, who despite a last minute change of their bass player, closed the night with their mixture of jazz and techno sounds that made the audience dance throughout the show.

Sunday started early with Osuna, a musical trio playing a mixture of Folk and Medieval music, while telling the story of the silk route with sand drawings made live on stage. After the delicious brunch and some ateliers organised for all kinds of audience, Antoine Flipo presented his first solo album, looking for new sounds in an electronic context of long tracks to be able to record live and on stage all the different sounds that compose each piece, played in loop. After 2 years touring with those same instruments, that was his last performance playing this album, to focus more into introspective piano music, with which he ended his concert. Last but not least, and in a more intimate environment, Las Lloronas offered a brilliant show where they made everyone sing with them, while singing in Spanish, French, English, and even with a bit of body percussion.


Stéphane Galland & The Rhythm hunters

Bandler Ching


Antoine Flipo

Las Lloronas


zaterdag 25 & zondag 26 maart 2023, LaVallée (Brussel, BE) | Foto's & tekst: Cristina Vergara


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