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Fotoverslag | BLUAI - Ancienne Belgique Club

BLUAI @ Ancienne Belgique (Brussel, BE)

BLUAI, who has already won three leading Belgian music awards (Humo's Rock Rally, De Nieuwe Lichting and Sound Track), performed at a sold out Club from Ancienne Belgique last night, to showcase their debut album Save It For Later to the gathered audience. At 9pm sharp, the ladies took the stage and started to sing “Keep Up With The Boys”, one of the songs of the album that they played in its entirety (although not in the album order), an album where the belgian songwriter Catherine Smet captured the memories of her youth, set in her native Flanders, but with touches of americana and folk. The show followed with others songs from the album like “Worms” or “Sad Boy, Angry Boy”, together with the song “Rosanne”, dedicated to Smet's niece, as the proudly aunt stated herself, but the highlight of the night came with the more ethereal sound of “Save It For Later”, where Smet went down the stage to gather with her audience and deliver the song in close proximity to her most committed audience. That moment of stillness was followed by two of their biggest hits, “My Kinda Woman” and “In Over My Head”, that put an end to the show without an encore as they don’t usually like those. This was the first of many more concerts to come in the Netherlands and Belgium, as a proud Smet’s mom pointed out to me at the end of the concert, even sharing the confirmed dates of their next shows, booked until November. The guest artist for the night was the well-chosen songwriter from Rotterdam, Robin Kester.


Setlist for BLUAI:

Keep Up With The Boys


Sad Boy, Angry Boy

Ceiling Stars

Not The One

Blue Moon


Better, I Swear

Dime Store


Save It For Later

My Kinda Woman

In Over My Head


Zaterdag, 29 maart 2024, Ancienne Belgique (Brussel, BE) | Foto's & tekst: Cristina Vergara


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