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Concerttip | Red Kite + Wheel of Smoke - JH SOJO

Red Kite brings together members of Elephant9, Shining, Bushman’s Revenge and Sunswitch, who blend heavy prog, free jazz, flaming fusion and avant-metal into a cohesive sound.

The quartet of Torstein Lofthus (drums), Even Helte Hermansen (guitar), Trond Frønes (bassist) and Bernt André Moen (keyboard) joined forces in 2014 and has released two albums on RareNoise Records. Red Kite swayed the audience at Roadburn 2022 with their blistering alchemy of surging psychedelia, steamroller rock and fringe-dwelling jazz and are ready to do so again at Sojo’s!

(Bron: SH SOJO)


Zaterdag 29 april, JH SOJO (Leuven, BE)

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