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Concerttip | Attila + For I Am King e.a. - Willemeen

Een waar deathcore-minifestival, volgende week vrijdag, 24 februari a.s. in Willemeen in Arnhem. Niet alleen het populaire Amerikaanse Atilla zal de tent komen afbreken, maar in hun voorprogramma worden de sloopwerkzaamheden vast voorbereid en begonnen door het Nederlandse For I Am King. Daarnaast komen **Dropout Kings**, Ghost Iris en Stain the Canvas naar Arnhem. MIS HET NIET!

Attila (USA) Attila set off on a mission to bring fun back to the metal scene and never looked back. Having to work against the odds every step of the way, the band quickly managed to gain national attention with their explosive energy on the stage, and their fearless attitude towards the opposition. With each release, the band tightened their grip on the throat of metalcore royalty, becoming an absolute monster in the heavy music world and beyond. After seeing many buzz bands come and go over the years, Attila continued to push their way uphill into a worldwide brand. Don’t let the party lifestyle fool you, Attila is one of the hardest working bands you’ll ever come across, and they are far from done.

Unfortunately both Our Hollow Our Home and Traitors had to cancel their participation in the tour due to various reasons. Traitors had to pull out of the tour due to personal matters and Our Hollow Our Home due to all members, aside from the main guitarist / song writer, recently making the decision to leave the band. OHOH made this news public a few days ago with a full statement on their social media channels. The band will continue with a new line up, but will unfortunately not be ready in time to hit the road again later this month. For I Am King and **Dropout Kings ** with play instead.

For I Am King Dutch metal band FOR I AM KING are gearing up for the release of their brand new full-length studio album CROWN - the band's first release since the 2018 sophomore album ‘I’. The quintet offers modern, complex and furious but always catchy metal with hypnotic melodies, driven by the unique vocals of front-woman and eyecatcher Alma Alizadeh. The coming album is set to be released on the 19th of January 2023 serving as the proverbial crown to the quintets ten-year career.

**Dropout Kings ** Dropout Kings are a generational evolution of rap infused rock bands such as Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit, fusing together heavy metal sounds with the progressive rhythms of hip hop and trap music. Dubbing it as ‘Trap Metal’, DOK prides themselves on pioneering and molding the genre, crafting unique soundscapes that feel familiar yet fresh and innovative.

Ghost Iris (DK) Hailing From Denmark, Ghost Iris is one of the most undercompromising and promising acts in the metalcore scene. Exploring diverse moods and atmospheres, Ghost Iris provide the listener with an experience that is both hard-hitting and catchy. Their sheer tenacity leaves you a band that takes no prisoners.

Stain The Canvas (IT) Stain The Canvas formed in 2019 instantly taking the world by storm with their ferocious sound which immediately caught the attention of thousands of fans all over the globe. In 2020 the Milan-based band dropped their first album God Made Hell which has amassed over 2 Million streams/views worldwide in just over a year and landed on their first European Tour in 2021.


vrijdag 24 februari 2023, Willemeen Arnhem


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