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Albums | PolderRiffs Vol.II, compilatie

Recensies schrijven over compilaties zie ik eerlijk gezegd niet echt zitten. Ook al is er een gemene deler wat de muziek betreft, toch liggen de nummers gewoonlijk ver uiteen en is het nog méér dan bij een 'gewoon' album een kwestie van smaken. De sound/aanpak van de éne band ligt je nu eenmaal een pak meer dan die van een andere. Zo ook hier, dus ... luister gewoon zelf en pik even de info onder 'lees' mee. Toch even dit: Polder Records zorgde opnieuw voor een mooie selectie aan erg 'fijne' stoner rock, al dan niet gekruid met wat psychedelica, sludge, hardcore en post, van eigen bodem. Sterk! Enjoy!

Releasedatum: 2 juli 2021



Cowboys & Aliens is a four-piece stoner rock band formed in 1996 in Bruges, Belgium. They released 4 full studio albums before falling into hiatus in 2006. The band reunited in the original lineup in 2011 with a brand new EP "Sandpaper Blues Knockout". After a second EP "Surrounded by Enemies" (2014), they released their 5th studio album "Horses of Rebellion" on Polderrecords in 2019. This year Cowboys & Aliens celebrate 25 years of classic stoner rock with a brand new track exclusively featured on this sampler!

Cavaran is the latest addition to Polderrecords roster. These three youngsters play heavy groovy instrumental stoner rock, balancing between raw and heavy grooves and psychedelic endeavours. This song is from their debut EP, released during the first wave of the pandemic in 2020 and is now featured on vinyl for the very first time.

Beaten By Hippies released their self-titled debut album on Polderrecords in 2019. Spoonfed on 90's music this Belgian foursome came of age during the first stoner wave. Honing their craft and working towards brewing their own magical potion. During the second lock down the band took the time to record one song exclusively for this compilation! Recorded and mixed by Mario Goossens (Triggerfinger) & Jannes Van Rossem at Dunk! Studios, Mastered by Ward Neirynck at Bamboemix.

Stonemule was the first band to be officially released on Polderrecords. Their debut EP "Dystopian State'' was released in 2018. They mix hardcore, sludge, post, metal and stoner into a whole new and refreshing sound! They recorded "Bitter" exclusively for this vinyl release!

Wheel of Smoke was born in 2005, and has since been dwelling within the Belgian underground rock scene. They are well known for creating a mix of heavy, 70's & 90's tinted rock, blended with a dash of space and psychedelics. But it wasn't until Johan Overloop, an expert analogue synth builder and player, joined them in 2017 to make their sound more spacious and broader in spectrum, they stepped up their game releasing their 5th studio effort: "Sonic Cure'' on Polderrecords in 2019. During the ongoing pandemic they took the time to revisit "Hallucinations" from their debut album "In Sense" from 2011 and add this new layer with the synths. Again, exclusively recorded for this compilation.

The last song on this compilation is a special treat:

When Felix from Stoner Rock Worldwide started an initiative for an album with fellow musicians around the globe to support his great project, all of us, the creators of this song called "Calypso" (song 5 of the album with a mellow attitude), were super hyped to go for it. We worked from distance through the pandemic, with respect for everyone's time and availability, but combined powers and music tastes in a period where anything similar seems so difficult. The jamming sessions of Tom Maene (Motsus, BE) on guitar and Jeroen Schippers (The Machine, NL) on drums, were the foundations of what eventually would be a not so mellow song. However, it became a stoner/doom love and temptation song about a human and a vampire nymph called "Calypso" (name given by our bassist Linda (Scorched Oak, DE) inspired by the "Odyssey" of Homer and the lyrics of our singer Dimitris Vardoulakis (Honeybadger, GR)). The entire song got a new dimension when Jonas Hartmann (Willow Child, DE) spiced it up with some great psychedelic keys. In the end we found Bob Balch (Fu Manchu, USA) willing to lay down some killer leads on top of it!


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