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Sounds | Zebrahead, Shock and Awe by the Sea

Zebrahead is een punk- en rap band met invloeden van Fugazi en The Descendents .Wat begon als een ska-punkband, werd na toevoeging van rapper Ali Tabatabaee een band met meer hiphop invloeden. Shock and Awe by the Sea is de tweede single die de band uitbrengt van hun opkomende EP Wanna Sell Your Soul?. De EP zal slechts drie nummers bevatten en komt volgende week dinsdag, 14 januari uit. Op diezelfde dag, staat de band op het podium van de Lotto Arena, als voorprogramma van Sum 41.

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Zebrahead was formed in La Habra, California in December 1995 by guitarist Greg Bergdorf and drummer Ed Udhus, bassist Ben Osmundson and singer/rhythm guitarist Justin Mauriello. All four musicians, whose bands at the time shared the same practice space, became acquainted with one another after experimenting with different music styles together. This led to all four leaving their respective bands and forming their own and naming it Zebrahead. Inspired by bands such as Fugazi and Descendents and uninterested in the local musical trends of the time, Zebrahead began experimenting and incorporating elements of hip-hop into their sound, leading to the inclusion of rapper Ali Tabatabaee as a co-vocalist.

Shortly after Zebrahead's Japanese tour in 2004, co-vocalist/rhythm guitarist Justin Mauriello left the band due to creative differences. As the singing/rapping dynamic between Mauriello and co-vocalist Ali Tabatabaee was crucial to Zebrahead's sound, the band immediately began the search for a replacement. Matty Lewis, a former member of the band Jank 1000 that had previously toured with Zebrahead, was advised by Udhus and Osmundson to try out for the part in December 2004, to which he won. Lewis' inclusion was announced at a private concert at the Anaheim House of Blues, California on March 8, 2005.


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