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Sounds | Caitlyn Smith, Put Me Back Together

Prachtige stem en piano. Hemels voor mijn muzikaal gehoor. Het album Supernova komt uit op 13 maart 2020. Met de belofte, dat als ze geen kippenvel van haar eigen muziek krijgt, ze deze niet op haar album opneemt. Zo legt ze de lat zeer hoog voor zichzelf.

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With the 2018 release of her debut album, Starfire, Smith established herself as one of the brightest rising stars in Nashville; her finely etched writing and soulful voice earned her numerous television appearances, festival bookings, and high-profile touring slots. Now, with the follow-up, Supernova, the singer-songwriter who garnered acclaim from Rolling Stone, Billboard, and countless critics has upped the ante, delivering a set of songs that are bigger, bolder, and more powerful sonically and lyrically.

“I had years to collect songs for the first album,” says Smith. “This time I was much more focused going in, I had a better idea of what I wanted to create. Being on the road and playing for a lot of different audiences, I gained a good sense of what works live, which contributed a lot to the songs and production choices.”

The territory staked out in Supernova represents Smith diving deep into her life and experiences in the last few tumultuous years. “The songs are about being on the road, the highs and lows of marriage, things people around me were going through,” she says. “A song like ‘Long Time Coming’ came from a season of a lot of growth—it’s song of victory, of looking in the mirror and excavating anxiety and things I want to get rid of. It’s about becoming a better version of myself.”


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