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Sounds | Amelia Chain, Solstice

Schoon hé!

Niet veeel woorden aan vuil maken, gewoon luisteren en genieten.

Even voorstellen

Amelia Chain has already been described by Classic FM, one of the worlds leading Classical Radio stations, as “Awesome.”

Coldplay’s three times Grammy award-winning producer Ken Nelson stated ‘Fantastic….beautiful melodies superbly played’

The BBC stated that Amelia Chains ‘Solstice’ (featuring the sound of the Sun) was ‘Brilliant’ with J.Megennis (London Symphony Orchestra) adding that the music was ‘Atmospheric and Haunting’.

Amelia Chains influences are significantly different to most ‘Classical’ artists, drawing heavily on the melancholy of Joy Division, Fever Ray, Sigor Ross, and Mogwai, to complement the more established influences.

The production and orchestration is also based on the experience of having, in the past, worked with members of such influential bands as Joy Division, New Order and the Chameleons.

Enjoy the Noise or the Silence.

To become part of the Amelia Chain sign up and download the free piano sheet music and the solo piano version of ‘Solstice’.

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